Human beings don’t like change. We are, as the line goes, creatures of habit. We find comfort in what we know, in our routine, and any disruption to that tends to evoke feelings of unease, fear, and, sometimes, even anger.

So when you’re the person or people responsible for changing how your organization functions, whether on a team or department level all the way up to an organization-wide level, it’s no easy task you’re faced with.

I will work with you, either on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small group comprising the main change leaders, to create coaching sessions and workshops geared towards meeting your needs as either change initiators (ie: those deciding on the need for change at an organizational level and accountable for its successful integration) or change implementers (ie: those responsible for change at a departmental level).

Together we will create sessions which, among other things, delve into the rationale for change to identify what needs to be communicated, to whom, and the best way of delivering the message(s) over a set time period; identify what you perceive to be your strengths, areas for development, team needs, organizational needs; address theoretical and/or existing situation analysis and resolution; and explore change support mechanisms and needs (eg: rewards/recognition scheme, quarterly town halls/ama, team structure, training).

The goals at the end of the sessions are to create a transition timeline which illustrates the change timeline and critical path; set out a communication plan (internal and/or external); provide a troubleshooting guide based on the situation analyses; and give you the tools and confidence to lead successful change.