Creating meaningful, valuable customer experiences is everyone’s responsibility. Whether they’re in your HR department, finance, marketing, IT, admin – and even those at the very top (I’m looking at you, C-suite) – everyone has a part to play in creating the experience your customers expect.

Your colleagues absolutely don’t need to have a background in, or be working in, marketing, customer service, customer experience, or sales to find the workshops relevant and to benefit from attending them.

I will work with you to create workshops which make sure that your colleagues gain the information about your customers and the skills and knowledge they’ll need in order to make sure your customers are having the most meaningful, valuable experience with you.

Topics we’ll cover could include: identifying and understanding your audiences’ personas and what they value; understanding the online and offline customer journey; what part of the journey each colleague/department affects; how departments may affect each other’s impact on the journey; what external factors affect your customers’ lives, how the impact is manifested and felt and what you can do to mitigate or benefit from the situation.

The goals at the end of each workshop are to identify opportunities for increased impact, effectiveness, efficiency, collaboration, and productivity; create specific, achievable, time-bound plans to achieve the changes; identify potential challenges to the plan and their solutions.