[Strong change leadership allows your organization to successfully perform all the necessary steps] … to maintain growth and innovation in the future, develop leaders to take you there and develop teams that are best prepared to make it happen.

Harvard Business Review

Successful transformational leaders [commit] to an on-going communications and listening campaign so people know what’s going on and know how they might contribute to the transformation effort – and know that they are invited to do so [and] must be ready to open...


Effective leadership will oversee collaboration between departments, ensuring that processes, proper training and preparation are aligned with the overall goal and mission of the change.


Leading organizational change always starts with a bit of mindset transformation because we usually have to pull time, budget and resources from one important area to invest in another.

Center for Creative Leadership

Successful change is one of biggest problems that modern organizations face. But change-management research has demonstrated time after time that organizational change initiatives fail more often than they succeed, despite the resources put into creating change...

Real Business

The principle of Symmetry of Attention (a concept developed by the Académie du Service), suggests there is a reciprocal relationship between the employee journey and the experience delivered to the customer. The satisfaction and well-being of employees is essential...